Ayaba is about black female appreciation. The reasons why I feel that this film is necessary is due to the underrepresentation of black British females in our society. This occurs in a range of aspects, from the corporate world to the creative. I decided to film black women from all walks of life and portray them in their true light. It's also necessary to begin to explore the diversities within our own community. When we describe all non-white women as women of colour we automatically are placing the white race as the norm and everyone else is less than.

I filmed and interviewed 18 beautiful and intelligent women all on my iPhone. I simply asked them, "describe yourself using 'I am'" and the range of answers I received were astounding. Showing the differences of each women allows a glimpse of their world and an insight to really what makes them truly themselves. The aim of this is to change the perception of black women by using film to portray us, create a dialogue about the diversities within the black community and abolish stereotypes that degrade black women.

Dalila McFarlane-Martin, 24, London

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