A relationship is constructed from two different territories. Undersea Cable is a short film which collects fragments of conversations using Skype from a period of eighteen months. One in London, one in Rio de Janeiro. The audio provides an overlapping centre for the fragments of journeys through the protagonists’ cities. They describe how their cities are transforming around them, growing strange through gentrification. The two women talk about their lives, families and politics in their different contexts. Images and voices converge in moments of temporary connection and disconnection, suggesting ways in which new technologies create new geographies and forms of intimacy.

This film was a way for us to explore ways to communicate how we experience our sexuality as queer women, and how technology shapes our sexuality and relationships. We commonly think of sexuality as a matter of simply who we’re attracted to, but it also concerns how we inhabit spaces, our bodies, and who we inhabit them with. Who we gravitate towards, where our attention and our identification with others is focused. In this sense, it is also spatial. As queer people living in heteronormative societies, we live in spaces designed, implicitly, for heterosexual people. 

Alanna Sargent, 23, London

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