Session One: Abortion is a film created to tackle the feelings of shame and guilt surrounding women and abortion. It was created as a platform for women to be able to openly and honestly speak about their thoughts on the topic of reproductive rights and share their personal experiences of having abortions. With abortion still illegal in part of the UK, I felt that it is a pressing social issue that needs to be addressed to bring light to this fact, and righted so that women do not feel they have to suppress a potentially life-changing event because of a social taboo. 

This film was created with the aim of being informal and casual whilst talking about a serious issue enabling the women featured to feel secure but not overly nervous or under pressure - they could say whatever they wanted without fear of being judged or shamed. The title 'session one' points to a series to be made in this same vein, whilst also outlining that it is a 'session' of chats: something unintimidating, honest and eye-opening.

Lauren Haine, 23, Brighton

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