WARRIORS - EVA LORENG / by Emma Barnaby

Today we live half our lives on a virtual platform where solutions to problems are only seconds away. This has quietly disconnected humans with reality and has given rise to various physical, social and psychological problems. Qualities of tolerance, patience and hard work are rare to find today. Martial arts is a medium to keep man connected with reality. Its various forms which evolved since ancient times have roots in nature. It is an approach to physical and mental fitness which does not give instant solutions and therefore requires regular hard work with patience. The outer pain one bears in their rigorous practice is a physical manifestation of the inner capacity to tolerate pain and never give up. Pain and problems exist till the time we view them like that, once we accept them as a part and parcel of life most of our social, psychological and physical problems would end. Martial Arts holds the eye for change of a materialistic virtual life. The art of Muay Thai is used as a medium to convey this idea.

Eva Loreng, 30, Delhi, India

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