Meet MESSCC, Matemwe English Speaking Students Cinema Club: / by Emma Barnaby

Here are some pictures of the creators of 'Present Tense' making their movie:

Make sure to check out their movie here:

The Matemwe English Speaking Students Cinema Club was set up independently in June 2014, to help to try to tackle the overwhelming fail rate of students attempting to pass their final Form 4 exams by immersing Form 3 students in film - both watching and making. In a makeshift cinema, the club invited its students to watch a variety of films of all genres, and introduced the use of smart phone technology for capturing the world around them. Having heard about the Eye Want Change competition, the club conducted a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions with the students, where they discussed and pinpointed the key issues at the heart of their generation and their community. It was unanimously decided that this, of course, was language, and education, and the failure of being taught in a language which they - and their teachers - did not understand. The aim of this film was primarily to aid the students with their English in order for them to have a better chance at passing their exams, but also to articulate the systemic problem that they are faced with, and to give them the confidence to know that they have the ability to tackle both.

Find out more about them on twitter @matemweescc