Always Look - Tom Pomphrey by Emma Barnaby

"A short glimpse into the life of someone who is homeless. Looking into daily struggles such as finding something to eat or drink, keeping dry, or finding somewhere to sleep. Beside investigating these issues, this film touches upon how easy it is for one to simply walk past someone who is homeless without giving it a second thought. Does that make you a bad person? Or for someone living in a big city such as London, does the sight of a homeless person seem too familiar and therefore less shocking? Its very easy for people to want to help the less fortunate, however actions speak louder than words!"

Cycle - Taylor Matsunaga by Emma Barnaby

"To help people understand that cyber bullying is a vicious cycle, and that no one deserves abuse - even those who have inflicted it upon others. Let's put an end to abuse and start to promote love and grace."

Laden - Ellena Francis by Emma Barnaby

"This is a short art film aimed to give a visual representation of the mental and emotional weight of dependancy through younger years. This film represents the weight carried by someone who may not even be aware that an issue is seriously affecting their life."

Lost in the Lights of the Night - Chadwick Jackson by Emma Barnaby

"This is an insight into my first night out ever, it was a surreal experience as I have led a very subdued life up until now. Most of my life I have spent travelling on the road with musicians as a roadie. To be met by this ego driven underworld where every male seemed to want to fight, and advances by women were something I have not had the pleasure of experiencing before. It was a bemusing and a surreal experience, hence why I juxtaposed the music to show that I was mentally elsewhere, right throughout the experience. I was a viewer into a new world, I hope my film shared this insight."

top. - Tabs Breese + Paddy by Emma Barnaby

"Our film rejects the hackneyed idea that 'women could do anything if only society allowed them to.' Instead, we're focusing, through a series of conversations, on some of the many women who are already doing so. On the one hand, Anita, Glenda, Annie, Susie, Angela, Martha and Jane are women who have jobs that have been traditionally occupied by men. On the other, they are seven professionals who are at the top of their game where the subject of gender, when raised at all, is viewed reluctantly. We feel that much of the media's renewed interested in feminism over the past year has been pessimistic, so we wanted to make a celebratory and positive film in response."

A Million Miles from Home - Andrés Barreto + Claudia Turner by Emma Barnaby

"The film was shot extremely simply, and did not need much preparation or editing at all because it is his story which carries all the importance. Claudia got the idea when Andrés and her were having a conversation about this one night in her room. That very night we filmed it. We wanted the film to be like a conversation. We think people will benefit from hearing his story."

Island Life - Luke Turner + Claudia Turner by Emma Barnaby

"Viewers are free to take from the film what they want. There is a sharp contrast between the more natural, rural setting of the town and the urban, concrete city setting. There is also a clear disparity between the rich citizens and the poor townspeople, but who is happier?"

Wax Saliva - Hector Macpherson + Luke Farley by Emma Barnaby

"Wax Saliva follows the journey of South London poet Hector Aponysus across the city as he contemplates the nature of modern society, examining the inequalities and injustices that we and others face as well as analysing what roles we have to play in that society. The aim of this film is to highlight the discourses surrounding issues such as gender, race, single identity politics, economics, immigration, authoritarianism, terror and globalisation. The words of poet Hector Aponysus are used to demonstrate the need for greater participation in politics and activism, to expose inequalities and failings of our society and to showcase those involved in real efforts to enact change."

My Residence - Eve Mahoney by Emma Barnaby

"At 21, I left London to study Film Art in Plymouth, Devon. The culture and pace of life in Plymouth was completely different from what I knew throughout my whole life back home in London. 'My Residence' was made during a summer holiday, the break in-between my first year into my second year studying down south. In reflection, 'My Residence' was a way for me to vocalise my appreciation for the variety of cultures in London. Simply, the film follows my journey from the overground station to my mother's house yet in that simplicity, it evokes the peaceful and harmonious way in which cultures, races and genders habitat London together."

Ὀδυσσεύς - Ianula Petrenko by Emma Barnaby

"Odýsseia. The journey of Odysseus as an allegory to search for the meaning of life. The searching for the meaning of life exaggerated to one day of life of one person while showing sin and redemption. One by one, lesson by lesson. 

First and foremost i'd like to say that I haven't planned it. I wanted to create a film - allegory to Homer's Odyssey trough the point of view of one girl, therefore I asked my friend Alice to act and we started filming. Few weeks after I found myself being an onlooker of her own small drama. Her relationships with boyfriend suddenly became more interesting for me. Today, when I was finishing editing, I realized that nothing but small camera could be better for making documentaries. I am glad I changed the main theme of my story also because it more appears to the main theme of the brief. Small tragedies-that's what interest me in society more than anything else.

"Ὀδυσσεύς" is a one day in the life of one girl. Dream, than waking up, despute with the boyfriend, after - an attempt to forget that scene. After all - the inevitability of return. Small drama, which happens to everyone, however it's almost unseen. That is what her dream (which opens the film) telling us about."

How Much Do You Waste? - Ruth Smart by Emma Barnaby

"In Sheffield on a single bus route, the life expectancy differs by up to thirteen years. 
In a city with such disparity, a group of students show what you can do when you look around places you would least expect to yield results."

PresentTense - MESSCC Zanzibar by Emma Barnaby

"The Matemwe English Speaking Students Cinema Club was set up independently in June 2014, to help to try to tackle the overwhelming fail rate of students attempting to pass their final Form 4 exams by immersing Form 3 students in film - both watching and making. In a makeshift cinema, the club invited its students to watch a variety of films of all genres, and introduced the use of smart phone technology for capturing the world around them. Having heard about the Eye Want Change competition, the club conducted a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions with the students, where they discussed and pinpointed the key issues at the heart of their generation and their community. It was unanimously decided that this, of course, was language, and education, and the failure of being taught in a language which they - and their teachers - did not understand. The aim of this film was primarily to aid the students with their English in order for them to have a better chance at passing their exams, but also to articulate the systemic problem that they are faced with, and to give them the confidence to know that they have the ability to tackle both." 

Duel - William Guy by Emma Barnaby

"The act of looking is greatly frowned upon (as discovered during the filming of this video), yet watching is a key aspect of current society. Many social norms have formed around this activity, and as the act of looking becomes taboo our gaze turns quickly to self-inspection. As the events of this film unfold, the audience is forced to consider their own voyeuristic gaze that represents their uneasy consent."

Sleeper - Molly Manning-Walker by Emma Barnaby

"The film looks into the importance of the indian railway by showing a glimpse of the inside. The Indian Railway employs about 1.55 million people. It carries over 13 million passengers and 1.3 million tones of freight everyday. The total distance covered by the trains on the Indian Railway everyday, equals three & half times the distance to moon."

How to: Cover Up Black Eyes & Bruising - Caroline Ward by Emma Barnaby

"Beautybabe146's Youtube channel is dedicated to making short, helpful tutorials for young women interested in the beauty and health industries. By casually describing how to cover up her black eye, Beautybabe draws attention to the overlooking of violence against women. As I have chosen to portray this omission of oppression in the form of the Youtube beauty tutorial, I want to emphasise the already immense pressure on women to adhere to beauty standards that are inherently racist as well as sexist."