CHOICES - SARA BERKAI / by Emma Barnaby

"One of last year’s finalist films discussed how women can do anything. My project tackles the pressures that come from this. In inspiration of Courtney E Martin’s quote 'We are a generation of young women who were told we could do anything, and instead heard that we had to be everything’, this short explores how being paralysed by opportunity is a problem for some women of colour and children of immigrants. It’s in the Instagram posts that say ‘My mother did not mop floors, for me not to be great’. It’s in the ‘Work hard and hustle now – Relax later’. It’s the ‘Wanna be a baller, shot caller'. Our parents moved here for a better life, and whilst we are forever grateful for this, there is still a pressure to perform. Whether it is fulfilling a father's hopes of having a doctor in the family or going to University, all these young women share a similar pressure that arguably acts as a motivational force in itself."

Sara Berkai, 20