DEFINE ME - TARA PAWILS / by Emma Barnaby

" I took to social media to ask friends and young people about the social issues that interest them, and after gaining feedback, decided to focus on the subject of gender and feminism. Considering the frequency of these social issues in popular culture recently, I met with some friends to discuss how they identify themselves, the meaning of gender, and its relation to sexism. I feel that young people are misrepresented in the media as being socially unaware, FOMO-suffering teenagers that only use social media for sharing cat videos. On a daily basis, my social networks are full of educated, young people talking and sharing information about social issues such as sexism, racism and animal rights. I think it's about time that young people are able to speak about these issues in a way that is relevant to us - through social media - without the stigma of being digital zombies."

Tara Pawils, 19