"This is a radical 'Self-Care' manual manifesting in the form of selfie/narcissistic culture but encouraging people not to possess or become attached to the image they create of themselves and to let go of all the things which weigh us down in our paternalistic and neo-liberal society. I wanted to create something for non-binary people as well because I feel like a lot of spiritualism is too feminised, but the video also plays on this. I touch on the meaning of emotional labour as it lies at the heart of feminist practice. Engaging with healthy and progressive emotional labour over draining and vampiric labour asked of us by society is a form of self-care in itself. Creating art and films that address vulnerability and raw emotional force and not feeling guilty or like one's 'feminine' feelings are gushing out into the public sphere, again is a radical act of self-care. This is a call for women/queer/trans and non-binary people to be allowed to be in public through whichever form they desire. Self-care through selfies. 

I also want this film to be therapeutic and hypnotic to the watcher, to calm them, to create ambiguous tensions in their thoughts but also to just get lost in the colours and the bird song. We have merged into the fluid of selfie culture and this is our method of self care. We can take selfies and be proud. Selfies are the new way to see yourself, to know yourself, intimately in public."

Georgie Lo-Riches, 22