"Playing with the concept of what it means to be expecting, this films aims to address the unexpected nature of life. We will all be challenged by facing what we couldn’t plan for, and yet we never imagine it could happen to us. 

Perhaps the time one needs to have the most confidence in themselves is when they're 'expecting'. Yet the representation of mothers pulling out their hair out amid diaper changes and spit up, or the airbrushed 'mummy blogs', hardly inspires this. Young parents as well as unplanned pregnancy has especially attracted negative press in mainstream media. This flawed representation of a large demographic of societies worldwide has crippled the confidence of new parents. It's a demographic that deserves a voice, but is ever silenced by stereotypical representations that serve only to idealise or demonise what is a complex, universal experience no one can really 'expect' or 'plan' for.

Whilst we spend hours planning for tomorrow, we rarely factor in that the only given is that the future is unknown, and often so unexpected. Presenting a very personal account of the unexpected, I hope to shed light on how universal this confrontation with the unknown really is."

Gabi Aquilina, 21