b e   i n s p i r e d :  s m a r t p h o n e   f i l m s  &  I n t e r v i e w s

 On set,   Tangerine  

On set, Tangerine 

  Dreamstates,  2016

Dreamstates, 2016

  Paranmanjang,  2011

Paranmanjang, 2011

  • TANGERINE (2015): Interview with director Sean Baker. Shot entirely on an iPhone 5S, Tangerine explores the lives of two transgender sex workers in Los Angeles in a warm, vibrant and refreshing way.

  • The UPRISING (2013): Interview with director Peter Snowden. Composed entirely of videos made by citizens and long-term residents of Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Syria and Yemen, The Uprising shows us the Arab Spring from the inside.

  • DREAMSTATES (2016): Interview with Anisia Uzeyman. Equal parts love story, road movie and Americana, Dreamstates tells the haunting tale of two wayward souls discovering their love for one another while on a US tour with pivotal Afro-Punk figures.

  • THE NAILS (2011): Directed by Clement Deneuz, this seven minute film of 'found footage' of a few friends hanging out devolves into something nightmarish.

  • PARANMANJANG (NIGHT FISHING) (2011): South Korean director Park Chan-wook shot this 30-minute horror movie starring a K-pop star as a shaman priest, using an iPhone 4.

  • INTELLIGENT DETAILS (2015): Smartphone film commissioned by Bentley.

  • THE PAINTER OF JALOUZI (2015): Colourful short set in Haiti produced by RYOT.